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Why Choose Leather for Your Vehicle's Interior

Easy to Clean - Leather naturally repels stains. Plus, we use only the finest automotive leather that receives a special protective treatment to preserve the grain and protect against dirt and stains. It simply wipes clean. 

Durability - Leather easily handles the wear and tear of everyday use. With Katzkin you’ll get the added advantage of superior materials and expert craftsmanship. Each interior is precisely cut and skillfully sewn, to the design of your choice.

Comfort - The naturally soft and luxurious comfort of a leather interior. There’s nothing like it – a special class of comfort you get only with leather.

Style - Katzkin has many styles available so that you can find your own unique style of interior design. Settle for nothing less than what you want because we're here to help you get your style.

California Customs began offering Katzkin leather interiors in 1998, one year after we opened. We were fully aware that Katzkin built the finest interiors on the market, and would be the best partner for us. To date, we have performed over 3,000 leather interior installations, and have become absolutely expert in our work. We can handle just about anything you want from a straight factory match to something more custom with 2-tones, contrasting stitching, suede inserts, and logos. Also, don’t forget this is the best time to add those heated or heated and cooled seats. If you want to spoil yourself or that special someone, we can also install heat with massage units. Our leather interior comes with a 3 year, 36K mile warranty, matching most factory warranties.

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