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We are proud to be a LLumar FormulaOne Dealer - One of only 3 in Arkansas!


California Customs understands that a buying a new vehicle or modifying your current one is more than just a purchase. For some it is an investment and for others its a lifestyle. The physical presentation of your vehicle should mirror the symbolic presentation, which is where Paint Protection film comes into play. PPF is used to help protect the paint of your vehicle from minor abrasions and maintain that showroom floor/newly painted quality. You can drive your vehicle with confidence, knowing you don't have to worry about flying rocks or pebbles, bug debris, salt or sand. The film we use is self-healing, which means it will look like new for years to come. Plus, you can choose the type of coverage you want. We can cover the full car or just part of the car, you can choose shiny film or a matte finish, and different levels of protection.

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